Established in 2004, Future-Plus Environmental’s team of skilled and industry experienced professionals are recognised for the provision of integrated solutions and their in-depth knowledge of environmental policy and legislation, emerging trends and the latest technologies.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of environmental management has been gained through the successful delivery of a diverse range of projects to a wide variety of clients on the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

Our eight most experienced team members include:


Paul Wood


Paul has in-depth knowledge of the environmental and development approval process, with over 15 years experience in the successful delivery of professional environmental services. Having worked in both private and public sectors, Paul is highly qualified in a variety of disciplines including construction and environmental management, acid sulfate soils, water quality, stormwater, flora and fauna and energy audits.

Paul’s extensive knowledge and expertise has resulted in successful development outcomes for a diverse range of clients, projects and budgets.

Elisa Baynes

BSc (Env)

Elisa has more than 15 years of domestic and international experience in the field of environmental management, with particular expertise in soil and wastewater management. A Senior Environmental Scientist, BSA licensed Site Classifier, Restricted Drainer and Licenced Treatment Plant Operator, Elisa has gained a solid reputation for her achievements with innovative wastewater reuse projects.

Elisa’s diverse background and considerable experience has seen positive project outcomes on many major residential subdivisions, unit complexes, retirement villages, schools, and other commercial and industrial developments throughout Australia, UK and Ireland.

Environmental Scientists

Kaine Pritchard

BSc (Env & Plant)

Kaine has broad environmental experience across a number of disciplines of environmental and applied sciences including: environmental management plans, environmental impact assessments; preparation of documentation to support environmental authority applications and development applications and permits; and conducting technical natural resource assessment field surveys including flora and fauna, soils, water, leachate, gas, dust and soils.

Kaine has a significant expertise in natural resource management, particularly in environmental and geotechnical disciplines, including; water quality (surface and groundwater) monitoring, sampling and reporting; Acid Sulfate Soil investigations & reporting; Landfill environmental monitoring (surface water, groundwater, leachate, gas, noise and dust); revegetation plan design, implementation and maintenance (Kaine maintains a current commercial operators licence) ; effluent disposal investigation & design to ASNZS 1547-2012; logging of soil and rock profiles in accordance with AS 1726-1993; Conduct site classifications & reporting in accordance with AS 2870-1996.

Kaine has over 10 years experience in the environmental industry and has gained solid experience through a broad range of applications including heavy industrial (electricity, gas, landfill and mining), commercial and residential projects.

Michael Baynes

BSc (Micro) MEIANZ

Michael has a broad range of knowledge and experience across environmental and applied sciences including: preparation of environmental assessments and environmental management plans; preparation of documentation to support applications for environmental authority and development approvals; and conducting technical assessments, including acid sulphate soil and contaminated land investigations, site and soil classifications, and water quality assessments.

Michael also has extensive experience in developing and implementing environmental monitoring programs encompassing soils, surface and groundwater, effluent, leachate, gas, noise and dust from a range of heavy industry (landfill), commercial and domestic sites.  Michael’s knowledge of microbiology is particularly valuable in conducting environmental analysis of natural water systems for microbial contamination.

Michael has also worked extensively in the site assessment, feasibility, planning, design and approval of on-site wastewater treatment and disposal systems for a range of domestic and commercial facilities.

Peter Dews


Peter is a qualified and experienced professional with over 40 years’ experience in a broad range of key Civil Engineering Projects, including: design and implementation of erosion control works, design of marine structures and shore protection works, planning and management of major infrastructure developments including subdivisions, roads, pipelines, reservoirs, etc.

Peter has extensive experience in planning and construction management of major residential and industrial developments including the construction of major and minor roads, services, road and pedestrian bridges, coastal waterways, jetties, revetment walls, navigation locks, flood control weirs, residential and commercial developments.

Other key experience includes Peter’s skills in planning, achieveing authority approvals and the development and mangement of processes designed to minimise the risk of environmental damage during project construction. A significant experience in Erosion and Sediment Control Planning and Plan preparation, auditing, design and certification is brought with Peter.

Peter works with FPE to provide specialist services including RPEQ certification and reporting.

Luke Craig


Luke has extensive >10 years’ experience in environmental management; including over seven years involving investigation, planning, compliance, auditing, monitoring, risk assessment, and regulatory liaison for erosion and sediment control (ESC).

Luke also has extensive experience in developing and implementing environmental monitoring programs encompassing soils, surface water, groundwater, noise and dust from a range of heavy industry, commercial and domestic sites.

Luke is an member of IECA and active ESCP professional, skilled in the design, development and certification for infrastructure projects.

Nicholas Evans


Nicholas Evans is an Environmental Scientist/Ecologist with >5 years experience in the environmental industry. Nicholas has a broad range of experience including: ecological assessments, natural resource management, habitat surveys, spotter-catcher works, environmental monitoring, and developing and implementation of conservation initiatives to achieve positive outcomes for biodiversity in developmental planning.

Nicholas has worked as a practicing Ecologist, specifically in fauna management and handling for many years, including the Bruce Highway (Cooroy to Curra – Section A), and Bruce Highway Safety Clearing (Yandina to Pine Rivers) projects.

Jono Hooper

BSc/BSc (Hons) (Environmental Science)

Jono has 5 years associated experience across a broad range of environmental disciplines, particularly ecology (frogs), gained through undergraduate studies, as well as extensive volunteer experience with catchment groups and government environmental departments during his time as an undergraduate student. Since employment with Future-Plus Environmental, Jono has been involved in water, soil, gas and leachate sampling at heavy industry, commercial and domestic sites; fauna surveys and trapping, including spotter-catcher services; operation of monitoring equipment; report writing, data interpretation and project administrative functions. Jono also manages the GIS mapping service FPE provides to clients.

Jono’s specialist area of frogs includes on-ground monitoring and surveys, frog identification and providing advice and recommendations for construction-related projects on how to successfully manage threatened frog species. Jono provides terrestrial and aquatic fauna services across a range of projects and he also serves as the QLD Frog Society President.


Micro Environmental Industries Award

Members of UDIA and EIANZ