Acid Frog and Ground Parrot Monitoring – SEQ Airport Expansion

Acid Frog and Ground Parrot Monitoring – SEQ Airport Expansion

Project Services:

Monitoring of threatened Acid Frogs and Eastern Ground Parrot within the airport during and post construction activities. Includes visual and aural surveys, water quality monitoring, vegetation monitoring and hydroperiod data logging.


FPE was awarded the contract for the monitoring of threatened Acid Frogs, Eastern Ground Parrot and wallum heath vegetation on a large south-east Queensland airport expansion. This project will be managed and undertaken by a team of specialised and experienced Ecologists and environmental professionals to ensure a vigorous monitoring methodology is adhered to that allows for early detection of impacts on these threatened species and vegetation communities on the project site.

Our Role:

FPE was contracted to undertake the following services for the airport expansion:

  • Acid Frog monitoring, including adults and tadpoles at the impact site and control site (Mooloolah River National Park) ;
  • Eastern Ground Parrot monitoring, including the use of several specific techniques and methodologies;
  • Water quality monitoring;
  • Hydroperiod data logging and monitoring;
  • Vegetation monitoring;
  • Predator monitoring;
  • Monitoring reporting; and
  • Provide recommendations on improving monitoring methodologies and reducing impacts to retained environments.

  • Wallum Sedgefrog (Litoria olongburensis)
  • Wallum Rocketfrog (Litoria freycineti)
  • Wallum Froglet (Crinia tinnula)